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When we brought our family caravan one with fixed bunks (so we could put the children straight to bed on arrival at a site if it was bedtime) that we still have today we decided to do things properly and as we were starting from scratch weigh everything that we thought was going to go in the numerous cupboards and drawers.
What a good job we did – it was horrifying how far overweight our car and caravan combination would have been if we hadn’t carried out this exercise.
We got the scales and pen and paper – one weighed and one recorded.
We started out with the:-
Essentials pile for the caravan and outdoor living
e.g. water containers, awning, locks, kitchen equipment including plates, cups and pans.
chairs, table, bikes,

BlogPhoto1 - Equipment and things
BlogPhoto2 - Equipment and things

Bedding and towels
First Aid Kit
Clothes for everyone including outer clothing e.g. rain macs, walking boots, trainers
Food (cupboard staples) in case there were not any convenient grocery shops nearby. Rural areas are not like cities / towns with several local supermarkets. Here we do have a large Independent shop called Tuffins, a couple of miles away in Craven Arms.
Then the niceities:-
Bathroom supplies various peoples favourite shower supplies and spare loo roll
Clothes for everyone
Books, Games, Cards to keep us all occupied after dark and in the wet. Even now the girls are both adults now we still play board games as a family on the rare occasions we are all together.
Videos initially but these later changed to DVDs and these later changed to mobile phones.
We were shocked at how heavy things actually were – I used to work on the proviso if there is space take it just in case but not anymore.
Needless to say we had to re-think what we were taking.
When you are away there are inevitably items brought as mementos, a forgotten essential, a present for someone or from someone (especially my mum and dad) and the biggies with children in particular JUST BECAUSE.

BlogPhoto3 - Equipment and things
BlogPhoto4 - Equipment and things

Even today when we see some caravans/campervans/motorhomes driving along we look at them and think ??????????????????????

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