Picture1 - The Fact Finding Stage of Our Journey

The Fact Finding Stage of Our Journey

Over the years of caravanning with the girls and occasionally their friends we visited many sites from small 5 van sites to large commercial ventures.

We had our touring journal showing where we had been, whether we had enjoyed the site and its facilities and what was on offer in the local area and most importantly did we want to visit again.

Picture1 - The Fact Finding Stage of Our Journey

Sometimes we picked a site based on something we wanted to see / do, proximity to someone we wanted to visit, an area near where Brian was working or we wanted to explore.

Some sites we have only visited once others several times.

There were 3 favourite sites not far from our parents – both sets lived within 20 minutes of each other. Which one we stayed at dependent on the time of year and the purpose of the visit.

We soon discovered taking the caravan to stay in whilst visiting family meant we did not have to choose which set of parents we stayed with. We were also in control of when we visited and what meals to have where and when. The caravan also meant the girls could be surrounded by their own things and not have to pick and choose what to take with them – see our next blog episode on Equipment and Things.

As the parents got older and needed more of our time Brian or I could go off and sort the parents out while the other stayed or went out with the children for the day, giving us the best of both worlds – time with our parents and time with our children.

Every time we stayed at a site the more we noticed about the layouts, processes, facilities and how things were done. This made us start commenting to each other if we had this site we would do this or have that there etc.  Boy – how naïve we were – but again that is another story. Each site we stayed at left a small impression in our minds.

We loved the “club” sites as you knew exactly what you were getting – decent size pitches, decent toilets and showers so you did not have to worry about waiting for hot water to warm up if you came back with tired, dirty or poorly children. There was always a reasonable play area for the girls to make new friends to play with at some point on a daily basis (supervised of course). You paid a bit more but always knew what to expect on arrival.

But we also loved the smaller family run sites as they had a unique feel to them and different levels of facilities or lack of them. To this day if you ask the two girls their favourite site, they would say a small 5 van site in Norfolk with nothing but a giant hay bale in the middle of it. That hay bale was a boat, a car, somewhere to sit and read or just talk. There were no facilities other than chemical disposal point and drinking water tap and the weather was really hot, so much so they did not bother to come in when it rained just stayed outside cooling off in the alfresco cold-water shower. 

Picture2 - The Fact Finding Stage of Our Journey
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